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    We are open on Fridays from 8am to 10am.

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    Our email address is herefordopendoor@gmail.com, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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    Please call Ian or Mike or Mary on the numbers below:


    Treasurer: Ian Roberts


    01432 278328


    Chair: Peter Cole

    01568 750675


    Rota secretary: Mary Roberts


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    Registered Address:


    Hereford Open Door,

    3 Bedford Street,


    HR4 0DR.

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Hereford Open Door is re-opening on Fridays between 8 - 10 am at St Peter's Church House; the first day will be Friday 7th October.


We plan to offer a variety of services (e.g. podiatry, barber, access to Council and NHS services) along with a bacon or egg roll. Unfortunately, the laundry & shower facilities we use to offer are not currently available.


We intend to expand the service if there is sufficient demand and we have enough volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mary at herefordopendoor@gmail.com or phone 01432 278328.






We rely totally on donations of money, volunteer’s time and food. Without the commitment and generosity of volunteers our charity would not exist.


We always appreciate any form of help whether it’s making a cake once, or long term help on the monthly rota.



Please use the 'Wonderful' button below:



or call in to Open Door on a Friday 8 - 10am.


You can also get in touch with the treasurer on

01432 278328 or herefordopendoor@gmail.com



We have a monthly rota for volunteers. Each session has a team of 5 which includes a team leader, cook and 3 volunteers who make sandwiches, toast, wash up, tidy up, mop the floor, chat to guests etc.


Our rota secretary sends out an appeal for help each month then puts together a rota which in most cases is sent out by email.


If you are interested in helping and want to find out more please contact Mary on 01432 278328 or herefordopendoor@gmail.com



We open Fridays, 8am till 10am, at St. Peter’s Church House and offer a cooked breakfast and packed lunch to take away.


On Fridays we serve bacon/egg rolls, toast and hot drinks from 8am - 9am.


Unfortunately, the laundry & shower facilities we use to offer are not currently available.





Hereford Open Door started in 1996 to provide some comfort at Christmas for homeless and needy people. The project proved a huge success and also demonstrated a real need for a year round initiative, so we quickly opened the drop-in centre every week throughout the year.


While guests come and go as their circumstances might improve or they move on, there are always others in need to take their place. Our existence relies on the generosity of individuals, local businesses and churches to whom we are grateful.

In loving memory of Sandie Taylor.


Sandie was our Vice-Chairperson and had been working with Open Door from its very early days. Very sadly, in December 2011, Sandie passed away.


Sandie is sorely missed by all the team and visitors. She was such a loving person, who cared deeply for our homeless community in Hereford. Sandie always enjoyed speaking with the visitors every week to check on their wellbeing and was keen to help in any way she could to make sure everyone was happy.





On the list below are the non-perishable items that we use all year round and you can donate at any time.


Instant coffee • Cooking oil • Tinned meat • Tuna • Mayonnaise • Chutney • Baked beans • Sugar • Jam • Marmalade • Ketchup • Chocolate biscuits (penguin type) • Brown sauce • Washing up liquid • Laundry tablets (non bio) • Pan scourers (not steel) • J cloths • Foil • Cling film • Disposable razors • Combs • Hairbrushes • Socks • Shoes / Boots Mugs • Sleeping bags • Tents Bath towels • Tea towels • T-shirts (good condition)


Please get in touch if you are considering donating Items as we have little storage space.


Wrapped gifts are unsuitable as we have to open and check them.





Hereford Open Door is a local independent charity. The constitution of Hereford Open Door was adopted in December 1997 and we have been operating every week since then.


We provide a hot breakfast and a packed lunch to the homeless and people in need, including those in temporary or sub-standard accommodation, and somewhere where people can meet their friends in a friendly welcoming environment.


We treat everyone who walks through our ‘Open Door’ with the same respect, compassion and support. We do not employ any staff, everyone is a volunteer and covered by Open Door's insurance.


Open Door does not provide accommodation; if you are rough sleeping, or are aware of someone who is rough sleeping within the Herefordshire area, please contact StreetLink on 0300 500 0914. www.streetlink.org.uk


Hereford Open Door is re-opening on Fridays
between 8 - 10 am at St Peter's Church House;
the first day will be Friday 7th October.


For up-to-date information regarding
Hereford Open Door, e-mail



Hereford Open Door

Next to St. Peters Church

St Peter’s Square






Ian - 01432 278328

Peter - 01568 750675



Hereford Open Door is a registered charity:

Number 1068184

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